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Mentoring programs


Weekend Workouts

Every weekend, Saturdays, and [or] Sundays, a group of children is picked up and brought out to get in a good workout. We want to keep reminding our youth that not only is our mental health important but our physical as well. Our workouts consist of' playing basketball, lifting weights, swimming, football, and a lot more. ​



Field Trips 

Do More

The owner and CEO of Ghetto Seeds not only runs this non-profit but he also owns a business. Teaching our youth about financial literacy and money management is very essential and a necessary tool that they will need. [Jelani] picks up some of the kids and takes them along his day on running his business. Passing down knowledge to them to help encourage them to maybe start their own business. 


We encourage different outings for our kids to participate in. This allows them to see different sceneries and get to experience different things. Taking field trips can open their young eyes to a lot more than they are used to and help expand their horizons and awareness in their communities. 




Other Mentoring Programs

Ghetto Seeds helps our children in a lot of other ways. We teach them about building a relationship with peers, financial literacy and entrepreneurship, job hunting/interviews, and a lot more. 

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